roofing by GAK Construction, Stroudsburg PA




Since 1977 GAK Construction has been Northeast Pennsylvania’s number one roofing company. GAK has completed the roofing on over 2,500 homes throughout Monroe County and surrounding areas. While many other roof companies have come and gone, we have continued to help new customers of over 30 years now.

Why Choose GAK for Your Roofing Needs?
What good is the warranty if the company no longer exists? GAK Construction is a certified GAF roofing contractor. We offer the absolute best lifetime warranty in the industry. We also choose the best materials for your roof. Therefore our warranty offers full coverage on both labor and materials. We educate our customers on all the important factors that go along with your roof installation. Things such as ventilation, ice damning, gutters, proper flashing etc. are all important considerations when installing or redoing a roof. Many times these things were not designed or planned correctly and we wind up fixing the problem for our clients and saving them further headaches.

Call GAK Construction today about a new or replacement roof installation for your home or business. We will answer any questions you have from our long experience as roofing contractors and help you to make the right choices when it comes to design and materials for your home or commercial property. Join the long list of satisfied customers by having GAK install your new roof today.

GAK Is A Full-Service Home and Commercial Improvement Contractor Serving
The Poconos and New Jersey